Return To Work Policy

The Return to Work policy is a documented workplace program that assists injured and/or ill workers
employees to return to work and be amongst workmates to aid recovery and ultimately full duties.
Rehabilitation aims to provide an early and sustainable return to work for employees suffering from
work-related injury or illness by using the workplace itself as a vital part of the rehabilitation process.

Bayne recruitment is committed to the rehabilitation of injured employees.

Bayne recruitment aims to manage the process of rehabilitation in the workplace to assist injured
employees to recover and return to work.

To achieve this Bayne recruitment will and Bayne recruitment employee shall:

  • Facilitate the return to work process together with the treating doctor or doctors.
  • Both parties shall provide information related to any past, present injury which could affect a
    safe return to work. A second opinion may be sought in relation to all injuries to ensure a safe
    and speedy return to work.
  • As required Provide early access to rehabilitation services, for example accredited workplace
    rehabilitation providers where required;
  • Develop/review, implement and monitor the injured and/or ill employee’s with a return to work
  • Bayne recruitment shall provide suitable alternative duties for an injured and/or ill employee as
    an integral part of the rehabilitation and return to work process; This may include less strenuous
    tasks such as administration during the return to work process to insure a speedy return to work;
  • Agree to Consult with each other at request.
  • Engage and all to attend any external medical examination which may be needed for returning to

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Jarrod Bayne

Managing Director

Bayne recruitment