Recruiting in the construction industry

Recruiting in the construction industry

Recruiting in the construction industry

Recruiting in the construction industry is a different process to other employment industries; It’s a known-fact many of the best construction professionals go from one job to the next through word of mouth or relationships they’ve built with construction companies. At Bayne recruitment building relationships with high quality candidates is our core focus and Recruiting in the construction industry is our specialty, so our clients can spend their time focusing on what they do best, construction.


The pre-screening

Some of the best candidates may not have the best-looking resumes from initial inspection, in-fact we have placed candidates from many tier 1 construction companies where the candidate has sent us a simple one page career guide. As Bayne recruitment recruiters are ex-construction professionals our self, recruiting in the construction industry at Bayne recruitment takes on a different level. The fact our recruiters know the types of construction projects these candidates are building, gives us the ability to better understand the systems, processes and stakeholders each construction position interacts with. At the Pre-screening stage we are primarily looking for this experience and to gain an understanding.


The interview

Depending on the level of seniority our first focus when meeting a candidate is to allow them to be comfortable so they can express their experience and failings freely. In any position below a commercial manager we would inform the candidate not to dress up and in-fact our recruitment consultants would dress down for the meeting. In starting the interview establishing rapport with candidates is fundamental and this is where Bayne recruitment differ from other construction recruitment companies. In establishing rapport with candidates we begin with telling the candidate about our self and some of the projects we’ve built in the past, some funny stories about working in construction and mistakes we’ve made and how we resolved them, these are always stories with a humorous edge, 9 times out of 10 the candidate will then share a story with us and throughout this period our construction recruiters are getting an understanding of their experience, how they solve complex construction issues, how they interact with  employees, what they don’t like about the processes and what areas within construction they excel. At Bayne recruitment recruiting in the construction industry is first nature to us because we’ve done the job and are ex-construction professionals.


Recruiting in the construction industry can be tuff and the information we’ve shared above is only 5% of our recruitment process, if you’re recruiting in the construction industry feel free to contact us for some free advice or to help you find the right construction professional, at Bayne recruitment we’re a different construction recruitment agency, we understand construction call us on 1300 122 963 or send a meeting request to


Recruiting in the construction industryRecruiting in the construction industry