Permanent recruitment

Permanent Recruitment

Regardless of the size of the organisation, every company needs white collar support staff, these positions ranging from  administrative staff through to contract administration,  supervisors, engineers, site management other specialist roles.

Bayne recruitment has a team of specialist permanent recruitment consultants who can truly gauge talent, experience and the needs of your business with real on-site experience and insight. It is this on-site experience which makes Bayne recruitment best suited for conducting talent search and acquisition. Bayne recruitment cater to an array of industry sectors, Our Professional and Support team keeps abreast of current trends and has an intimate understanding of the marketplace. We get to know each candidate, there interests and select the best suited person for your business needs.

We also have a dedicated contracting services division which provides clients with the most suitably qualified professionals for short and long term projects, please call us now on 1300 122 963


Tailored & Box Modular Recruitment Services

The flexibility to outsource specific parts of the recruitment process frees up your internal resources, saves you time and allows you to focus on the operational aspects of your business. Bayne recruitment offer a comprehensive range of modular recruitment services that can be tailor made to include as much or as little support as you require..

Bayne recruitment Professional Support team are expert recruiters with a full understanding of the complete end-to-end hiring process. Our experience includes all aspects of temporary and permanent placements — from advertising, candidate attraction and  screening, through to telephone and in-house interviewing, skills and external psychometric assessments, we even take care of the reference and background checking for you. At offer and negotiation stage we can assist with remuneration and salary packaging.

Knowing you can rely on us when you are dealing with a high volume of applicants, a specific hiring program or a complex recruitment methodology, means the confidence to provide capability outside your normal scope of activity. Bayne recruitment will work in partnership with your organisation to ensure a seamless workflow between our people, which means a better overall experience for your candidates, key stakeholders and in turn, successful recruitment outcomes and synergy between your needs ands our service.