OH&S Policy

Bayne recruitment specialise in permanent and temporary recruitment within the construction and logistics industries and is committed to conducting business to protect the health safety and welfare of all employees, labour hire staff, contractors, visitors and all other persons whose health, safety or welfare could be at risk through our work.

Bayne recruitment management are committed to continuous improvement aimed at the
elimination of work related injury and illness.

Bayne recruitment employees shall take all care in compliance with The Occupational Health and
Safety Act, Legislation, Regulations, Codes of Practice, statutory requirements and local by-Laws
relevant to our activities. This care and compliance shall be provided for the protection of employees
and the general public’s Health, Safety and welfare.

To achieve this statement Bayne recruitment and its employees will:

  • Make sure project management are accountable for communicating the requirements of
    health and safety in their areas of operation;
  • Consult and involve local regulators to identify workplace safety improvements and
  • Set and monitor measurable safety objectives;
  • Regularly provide employees with information about Hazards and Hazard control;
    Induct all employees to the standard induction process for each site prior to commencing
  • Ensure compliance with relevant legislation, including the Occupational Health and Safety
    Act 2004 and supporting regulations;
  • Conduct regular inspections of site to identify compliance with company and regulatory
  • Conduct annual management reviews of the Safety Management system to assess
    performance, identify and implement safety improvements;
  • Implement Bayne recruitments safety, policies, procedures and programs necessary to
    support Bayne recruitments growing safety culture;
  • Ensure adequate resources are provided to enable full implementation of this OHS Policy;
  • As necessary seek external expertise for advice and guidance on matters related to the
    Health, Safety and Welfare on-site.

Jarrod Bayne

Managing Director

Bayne recruitment