Our Advice


Bayne recruitment always check and make sure you we carefully review any job description which aligns with applicant experience and transferable skills. This is reviewed based on what our clients organisation is looking for,. “If you don’t make is clear in your resume, you risk not showing up in the list of potential candidates for consideration,”

These days many recruitment companies including Bayne recruitment use highly established software to scan and pull information out from CV’s, which is often based on keyword searches. That doesn’t mean regurgitating job descriptions or being untruthful will get you the job, but it does require thought.

For example:

Bayne recruitment may be looking for project management skills, and you ran for student union and ran projects, “that counts.”, make sure you place Project Management in your resume.- let Bayne recruitment consultants determine the transferable skills for potential positions.

Keep your online persona up-to-date, particularly if you add new skills. Why? Sometimes although highly skilled and experienced, simply put a Bayne client may be looking for something very specific. This doesn’t mean Bayne recruitment reject you, it simply means our recruitment consultants will look to match you with another great Construction or Logistics opportunity when a suitable position arises.

Bayne recruitment are recruiters for construction and logistics, so if your looking for that next big break, a Bayne recruiter can help manage your career and get you there. We invite you to join the Bayne network, please submit your CV and feel free to register for our Bayne job alerts.