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Construction Recruitment

As a full-service construction recruitment company we locate and assess candidates construction knowledge on a daily basis. In Melbourne’s ever growing construction industry most companies need a construction recruitment company to locate and provided talented individuals. At Bayne recruitment we are experienced construction recruitment professionals with a background in construction our self, so when you’re presented candidates they have passed through Bayne recruitments construction knowledge test.

As a dedicated construction recruitment company we specialise only in what we know:

Building  and  Civil Construction recruitment, Building Services, Engineering recruitment and Mining recruitment.


What makes our service different?

Bayne recruitment don’t use the traditional methods of the construction recruitment industry to attract and acquire talented people, For more than a decade, Bayne recruiters have built real-world construction experience being ex-construction professionals our-self, this gives us  insight, making us the best suited for conducting talent search and acquisition. We enhance your staffing capabilities with our experience and ability to understand how each position interacts.

Our screening processes isn’t based on box ticking, we are construction  professionals recruiting construction and professionals.

Bayne Recruitment are taking the risk out of your construction staffing, Call now for a conversation and speak with an experienced construction recruitment agency.


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