Locate Secret Construction Jobs

Locate Secret Construction Jobs

Locate the Hidden Construction Jobs no one knows about


Landing that new construction position even when working with a recruitment company can sometimes feel difficult, Recruitment companies could have 30-40 construction jobs on and in many cases they wont advertise for them. The amount of candidates that come flow through for each job can be in the thousands. So how do you tap into the hidden recruitment job market?

how to tap into the hidden recruitment job market?

Sure,  recruitment companies make a living from connecting talented people with construction companies, however as a Leading recruitment agency, Bayne Recruitment are all about the right people in the right jobs.

Lets look at the definition of recruitment:

External Recruitment-

Generally a third party Recruitment Agency like Bayne recruitment, we work with clients on their needs, skills and the position requirements, we then go out to market to locate skilled, experienced professionals. Make sure you tell any construction recruiter you’re dealing with to keep your job application confidential, in-fact write this on your resume

Internal recruitment-

This is generally done by an internal construction recruiter within a construction company and is always the first point of call prior to using an external agency, so we recommend all candidates put a good resume together and get it in the hands of the internal recruiter at a business that you’re interested in working for, get out there and network with construction professionals, anyone who’s worked in construction knows that construction people love a chat, pick up the phone and make some calls.

Edit your resume for Privacy

Edit your resume and remove your last name, add your address, contact details and write clearly on the from page “Confidential applicant”


Adjust your linked in settings

If you’re still currently employed and you make changes to your linked in account with the broadcast settings still active, when you make changes this will notify your contacts you have updated your linked in profile. This could get back to work colleges if you are connected on linked in, so before you update your profile remember to switch off the broadcast function.


Connect with target recruiters

Engage with a select group of targeted recruiters within your industry like Bayne recruitment and begin confidential discussions with them and request a market update.


Always provide references which are not associated with your current employment

Be sure when you supply references you are using trusted references and make sure you speak with them first before naming them on your resume.


What now?

If you’re looking to deal with an experienced agency or would just like to call for some free advice, give Bayne recruitment a call we are here not only to support our clients but Melbourne’s construction industry to its entirety.

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