With a solid foundation of technical knowledge and an expansive industry network, take advantage of our expertise and discuss your career with people who have worked in construction, trust an experienced construction recruitment agency.


With a minimum 10 years experience working within the construction industry our consultants understand the people, processes and practicalities of each position; and how they interact. Let your next recruit come from an experienced construction agency

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We recruit specialists in all construction areas. Bayne recruitment hire professional construction recruiters who have a background in Construction to become Construction recruitment consultants, we are one of the few construction recruitment agencies built by construction professionals for construction professionals, we are one of Melbourne’s true recruitment companies and we’re speaking to perspective candidates for your business daily.


Bayne Recruitment is a specialist Construction recruitment agency with construction management experience within industry, our construction recruitment consultants have years of real world experience working within the Construction industry so rest assured when you call us we can talk construction.

We believe the only people who can truly gauge talent, experience and the needs of your business must understand the functions of each construction job, the personalities and practicalities of the construction industry. We have the latest recruitment technology and processes available and are communicating daily with great construction talent. We don’t check boxes, we are construction professionals recruiting construction  professionals. Its this real-world experience and insight which makes Bayne recruitment best suited for conducting construction talent search and acquisition. Bayne recruitment is a true partner in business and a construction recruitment agency with experience.


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With a solid foundation of technical construction knowledge and an expansive construction industry network, take advantage of Bayne Recruitment expertise and let us get you the construction team you need. Submit a job and you'll receive a call from one of our construction recruitment experts which are ex-construction professionals in their own right.

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A Bayne recruiting expert is in your Melbourne area and can visit you and discuss the right construction professional you require to boost your construction team, so don't hesitate to get in touch with one of our construction recruiters. We are Melbourne's construction recruitment agency built by ex-construction professionals.

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